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The fragrance, taste and character of real Tuscan olive oil was awarded at the 15th edition of “Olio in Festa” when the “Tenuta Sabbiaia in Tignanello” of San Casciano won the prize for the best olive oil among 15 participating producers.

The technical jury was presided over by Luca Socci, head chief of Anapoo (professional Olive oil tasters), by the Osteria La Gramola which organized the event in its restaurant in via delle Fonti in Tavarnelle and represented by Mayor David Baroncelli.


It was a victory also acclaimed by the popular jury, around 60 people who tasted the oils in the contest during the dinner proposed by Massimo Marzi, President of the Natural Shopping center of Tavarnelle and president of the Confcommercio of Chianti.

“The high quality of local olive oil won”, declared mayor David Baroncelli. “The contest organized by La Gramola is the occasion to rediscover the essence and dignity of the local production of this excellent product, which will reinforce its ties to restaurants while finding instruments of promotion and development of an important aspect of our culture on the gourmet table”.

Massimo Marzi was satisfied by the success of the event. “We have been organizing the contest for 15 years with the objective of dedicating a showcase of Tuscan gastronomic tradition. We do it with an unusual formula which allows direct exchange between producers and citizens. We awarded the prize, a silver medal and a contemporary work of art by Patrizio Landolfi, to Varo Pistolesi, owner of Sabbiaia in Tignanello. It is interesting to note that there was a unanimous agreement between experts and citizens as to the best olive oil”.