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You can illustrate the magic of extra virgin olive oil with thousands of words. You can explain the smell of freshly crushed olives, the noise that the machine makes, the feeling of the sun that warms you up as you climb an olive tree.

You can describe how the new olive oil tastes, when it has just come out of the olive-press. Or the pungent smell that fills the fields after the harvest.

There are infinite ways to illustrate the olive harvest and the making of olive oil. But often photographs are better than words, and that’s why we want to thank Lorenzo Fanti (Instagram account: Lost in Chianti) for these gorgeous photos shot at the Frantoio Simone Morandini in Panzano in Chianti.

“With my shots I hope – Lorenzo says – to represent the deep-rooted values and culture of this territory and its people. In a world where appearance reigns, we find authenticity in real things such as olive groves and the works done in the countryside”.