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In recent days we have told the story of Djenan Kufta, who arrived in Gaiole in Chianti from Kosovo, in love with the Chianti area which he takes up with photos and videos.

? From Kosovo to Chianti: the story of Djenan

Djenan who had already bewitched us, with a video “flying” on Brolio and his Castle, which had fascinated many of our readers.

VIDEO / A magical flight over Brolio reminds us of the great beauty of Chianti

He comes back with something even more particular and fascinating. Unusual. It is he himself who explains it.

“It is a video – Djenan says – entirely recorded in the territory of Gaiole in Chianti: among streams, dams and waterfalls“.

“In these periods – he still explains – they do not have large flows of water, but they manage to be quite strong and suggestive”.

“This territory – he concludes – is rich in a little of everything that nature can offer. It is up to us to keep it. Behind these images there are secrets that I will reveal … in the next video”.