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As you walk along the Via Empolese, in San Casciano, you’re surrounded by vineyards and the beautiful landscape that was much loved by one of the greatest world-class oenologists, Giacomo Tachis.

He lived and worked here for 31 years, and spent his final years in the retirement home located just outside San Casciano. These were his places.

That’s why this stretch of road bears his name, and reminds us every day of his passion for this land and the world of wine making.

The pedestrian path named after Giacomo Tachis leads from the Residenza Sanitaria Villa San Martino on the hill of Talente, to the Bardella area, just outside the town’s historic centre.

Many people took part in the path’s inauguration, organised by the Municipality of San Casciano: family members,including his daughter Ilaria and his grandchildren, several people from San Casciano, friends, acquaintances, and wine experts who had been inspired by his work. He was responsible for the rebirth of Italian wine on an international scale, and his thoughts and expertise are still an example for many.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Fondazione ChiantiBanca, to which Tachis had left his entire library, which is now available for consultation at the headquarters of the Fondazione.

Tachis brought new life to the world of Italian wine, and was responsible for producing new varieties such as Sassicaia, Solaia and Tignanello among others.

During the ceremony his daughter read some of his notes, words that resonate with awareness and reveal all the passion of the oenologist who foresaw the future of Italian economy and the role of the Chianti Classico within it.

“We are all inhabiting the same world – wrote Tachis – and we must take care of it by teaching the new generations to preserve the balance that nature has given us”.