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It is one of the most deeply rooted and lasting traditions of Easter in San Casciano: “Tiro alla Ruzzola” (Ruzzola shot game) which was held on Easter Monday morning through the streets of the village.

A passion that, as we see from the pictures, has no age and is practiced mostly by elderly people:they return as children thanks to an old game now almost unknown to younger generations.

The registration has a symbolic price of 50 euro cents, at the end of the game the proceeds will be divided based on the result: “Without money there is no obligation” they say, this makes smile tenderly.

The participants to the game are people who have always lived in these streets of the town where there is a very little traffic yet: Via Santa Maria Macerata, from the crossroad of Via Campoli to Santa Maria.

Talking with them, we hear a complaint: unfortunately they are fewer and fewer participants, but to maintain the tradition if someone wants to try, they are extremely helpful to lend him the “Ruzzola” and do some shots.

Just in this way you can appreciate the difficulty for something that may seems very easy.
To better understand this game, here a great photogallery realized by Paolo Ermini