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If you need an “excuse” (even if it would not help) to take a tour in the lands of the Chianti Classico, know that at this time of the year, at the end of May, the gorse have exploded with their colors and their scents.

The blinding yellow of these wonderful plants stands out even more in a countryside that has been sliding towards summer from spring.

While maintaining all its shades of green with vineyards, olive trees and cypresses (as well as woods).

We also give you a tip. Telling you about a corner of the countryside which, moreover, is located in an area that can give you a thousand other ideas for visiting.

We are talking about the gorse that you can see with, in the background, the vineyards where the grapes are produced from which one of the most famous wines in the world is born, the Tignanello.


We are in the municipality of San Casciano, along via Santa Maria a Macerata. The gorse can be found immediately after Tenuta Tignanello, in the direction of Badia a Passignano.

We can suggest three itineraries, two longer and one faster and “contemplative”.

Leave your car at the crossroads between via Santa Maria a Macerata and via di Campoli.

Walk towards Tenuta Tignanello, pass it and on your left you will find the gorse, behind which there are the splendid vineyards.

They are a few hundred meters. The best time is the afternoon, at sunset.

Perhaps, you can also continue for a few hundred meters, reaching Fonte dei Medici.


If you want to go for some nice walks, you can choose between two options.

Leave the car in via di Collina, at Bibbione Castle. Walk along the wonderful Via di Collina, also passing in front of the Farm-Center of contemporary art La Loggia.

From here, Montefiridolfi, then take via Santa Maria in Macerata, reaching Tenuta Tignanello and … the girses (about 12 km round trip).

Or, leaving the car at the crossroads between via di Campoli and via Santa Maria a Macerata, take the short stretch up to the gorse and then continue to Badia a Passignano, another marvel of the area.

In this case it is about 9 km there and back.