WeChianti is a webmagazine that everyday tells to the entire world about the Chianti Classico territory. Edited by the Chianti society called ComuniChianti s.r.l.that already edit since november 2012, with great success, the online magazine Il Gazzettino del Chianti e delle colline fiorentine. Everyday between 3 thousand and 10 thousand people read online the Gazzettino del Chianti. We can call it... "a 0km newspaper". Local news for local readers. But we live in a global world and in an area well known all around the world. So we decided to apply our idea, or rather to tell what we know best and more closely, to ... everyone. To tell to those who do not live in our territory, to those who can watch it only from afar, to those who visit it and would like to live it in a different way. Perhaps more real and authentic. We do this by WeChianti in 8 municipalities, the heart of Chianti Classico: Barberino Val d’Elsa, Greve in Chianti, San Casciano, Tavarnelle, Castellina, Radda, Gaiole in Chianti, Castelnuovo Berardenga. Hyper specialized, hyper local but open to the world. Because here we live and work. Because here we have our origin, because is this that we can give to our readers. Everywhere. Events, people, places, products, stories: this is WeChianti, an italian and english webmagazine destined to three levels of public: to readers from Chianti, Florence, Siena and Tuscany....or rather to those who are geographically close to this area and loves to read about it. And maybe they need information about how to spend a weekend, a Saturday or a Sunday in the area. To those who read it from afar, Italian and foreign people, they will be able to enjoy the Chianti at home. Our ambition is that, once you have "met" us on the web, maybe you will want to come in Chianti. Last but not least there are tourists who arrive in Chianti: WeChianti will be available to them and to the places to stay of the area as well. A quick webmagazine, "movable", perfect on tablets and smartphones. That will give ideas, suggestions, that will tell about the territory to anyone who is visiting the area. In an original way, with Chianti-journalists who tell the Chianti to those who are living it at that time. Together: so, "WeChianti ... be familiar together!" EDITORIAL STAFF (info@wechianti.com)
  • Managing Director: Matteo Pucci 3391552376
  • Authors: Silvia Rabatti - Leonardo Pasquinelli - Costanza Masini - Gioia Baldi - Antonio Taddei - Martina Mecacci - Silvia Luis - Noemi Bartalesi - Emanuele Grazzini