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Wedding with a view of the beauties of Chianti.

The Municipality of Greve in Chianti offers the opportunity to pronounce the fateful yes and experience one of the most beautiful moments of life in a dream location.

In addition to the municipal spaces, such as the council chamber, the municipal council launches the project for the enhancement and promotion of the territory through the celebration of the civil ceremony outside the municipal building, scattered throughout the territory.

The administration invests in wedding tourism and provides unpublished sites of high historical, cultural and environmental value, present in the buildings and spaces that on an architectural and landscape level tell the history and identity of Chianti, a cultural crossroads of millenary origin.


The wedding in the Terrace of the Museum of San Francesco, with a panoramic view of the capital, or in an ancient chapel on the San Michele surrounded by the embrace of the mountain woods, on the slopes of the Chianti Mountains, becomes reality.

The location of San Michele will be available following the renovation of the building planned by the municipal administration.