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Spontaneous orchids bloom in Chianti.

They are born light and colorful in the Chianti Botanical Park, on the Montecorboli hill (between San Donato in Poggio and Castellina in Chianti, in the municipality of Barberino Tavarnelle), where they find ideal and suitable environments for their germination.

They are the wild orchids, flowers of particular beauty for their variegated shapes and shades, which grow spontaneously in the Park, the large naturalistic area that surrounds the multi-purpose Chianti Observatory, characterized by the presence of different plant species.

A study, research and census work conducted by the Municipality of Barberino Tavarnelle in collaboration with the environmental area of ​​the Florentine Chianti multifunctional Observatory, by the environmental guide Barbara Guazzini, has identified 15 species of wild orchids with the most spectacular peculiarities.

It is a project of the Municipality of Barberino Tavarnelle which aims to safeguard and protect this flower that grows spontaneously in the Chianti area and is part of a larger project that involves the creation of urban and peri-urban areas dedicated to pollinating insects.

Traffic divider areas, corners of public gardens, road edges that could translate into spaces that favor biodiversity with the aim of safeguarding the regulation of the ecosystem.

In the areas that make up the Park, spontaneous plants can be admired thanks to a network of paths.

The garden is made up of “rooms”, small themed areas that host Chianti roses, wild flower beds, avenues of cypresses, rowans and cherry trees.