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There are places that not everyone knows but which are more successful than others to give emotions and to astonish.

One of this is located in the Municipality of San Casciano, along the street that goes from Campoli to Tignanello.

A bench to sit on and admire a wonderful landscape, a privileged place that tells better than any postcard the beauty of Chianti.

The “Max’s bench” so named to honor the memory of Massimo De Martin, in front of “Podere Casacce” in Via della Villa Tignanello.

For those who wishing to enjoy this evocative sight of Chianti and spend a different day discovering places of history surrounded by nature we recommend a route that starts in Mercatale, in front of the backery “Il Panaio” in Via Antonio Gramsci.

Precisely this was the starting point of the first walk in honor of Max promoted by his brother Stefano De Martin in June 2014, to inaugurate in the best way the bench.

On that occasion, the stages were: Montecampolesi, San Fabiano, where it was possible to make a healthy snack, sugar with bread and wine, and then restart direction Luciana.

Next diversion in Poggio alla Croce, where the etruscan village settlement is located.

Here as well a short stop to taste biscuits “Etruschi”, receipt by the baker Beppe Scialabba, washed down with an excellent sweet wine, to continue  in the wood toward Antinori’s Lakes.

And so continue the last stretch to Tignanello, and finally enjoy the “great beauty” on Max’s bench.