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The Chianti Classico area is not just oil and wine, olive groves and vineyards.

But it is also woods, roses, lavender, wheat, sunflowers.

And, as Andrea Pagliantini reminds us from the heart of Berardenga, it is also rapeseed.

Pacina’s sentimental rapeseed fields

The landscape that is emotionally within each of us, the idyllic dream of something beautiful, unique, unreachable, which instead is there.

A three-kilometer ring around a former nunnery marked by a harmony that looks like a lace.

The rapeseed, flashy yellow, the dry vein on the roadside, the swallows, in a race against time to knead the earth around the puddles for the construction or repair of the nests.

Lonely walkers in perennial contemplation, cypresses where needed, where they create oases of reference and rest, happy spiders, chickens, peace.

Daydreaming is still possible here.