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Along the medieval walls of San Casciano, facing piazza della Repubblica, towers the “Cervo” (Deer) by Mario Merz.

Under the walls is a beautiful meadow, scene of soccer games, concerts and parked cars The “Cervo” has been around since the end of the 1990’s, preceded (or followed…depending upon which side you start) by neon numbers (often prey of uncivil vandals) which represent a Fibonacci sequence.

In the past, the stuffed “Cervo” was often victim of poor weather and birds which pulled out its coat. It was then decided to coat it in “silver” (melted aluminum), making it less appealing and thereby conserving it in the version we see today.

Many ask the meaning of this work , which was not liked by all San Casciano residents (some resistant to contemporary art).

Of course, each of us sees what we want to in works by man or nature… the Cervo (together with the numbers) represents the unstoppable growth of the natural world, a growth often hurt by man… but capable, through its force and power, to survive and progress.  Like… the Fibonacci sequence!

A word of advice: enjoy the “Cervo” at sunset, seated on the low wall which divides the road and the garden. The visit can be improved with a gelato bought in one of the delicious ice cream stores in the historic center of San Casciano.