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Spotlights are on the Gallo Nero in New York: a selection of local wines was presented in the Big Apple during the prestigious Wine Experience, a two-day event dedicated to the world’s best wines according to Wine Spectator, a historic American magazine dedicated to “wine culture” and a leader among international wine reviews.

The magazine that has been covering wine for the United States and the world since 1976, has selected 12 wine labels in the Chianti Classico area, which were presented at the New York Marriott Marquis in the heart of Manhattan, by the President of the Consorzio Sergio Zingarelli and Bruce Sanderson, senior editor and expert in Burgundy, Piedmont and Tuscany.

“It’s a great honour – said President Zingarelli – to be selected by Wine Spectator to present our wines to such a large and experienced audience , with around 1000 guests, a selected audience of opinion leaders, experts and wine enthusiasts”.

“The Chianti Classico,” explains Zingarelli, “has featured in the Top 100 wine list of Wine Spectator for years. This invitation confirms the interest of the foreign market, which absorbed 78% of last year’s production. The United States is the first market for Chianti Classico: three bottles out of ten end up on American tables, both in large restaurants and wine bars”.

“Last year,” he concludes, “we consolidated our position in the North American market with a tour on both shores, including Canada, and with a strong web marketing campaign. We can only say that we are very happy with the results”.