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Genius and disorderliness; two characteristics of every great artist. Nicola Fanetti has a pure and natural, even raw, talent in the artisanal working of wood and in the restoration of furniture, while being far removed from natural commercial principles.

Nicola is keeping the family tradition, considering that his father Lorenzo,  called “Pizzicore”, is also a great talent. Nicola Fanetti is known in Castellina in Chianti and the area with a bunch of nicknames that contribute to making him more of a character: Nikke, Riello, Pizzicorino to name a few.

Far from social conventions, his dress and aspect are not always impeccable, but he has the enthusiasm of a young Geppetto. His friends from his youth, from the Casce park to the town Piazza remember him from when he was little.

He was always able to entertain his friends with his incredible creations, among these, in the mid 70s, a system of radiowave reception, perfectly functioning, within the shell of a walnut!

A genial work of grand technological finesse, destined to be destroyed, like all of the others left to his friends’ judgment for the dynamics of self-destruction which every group of adolescents knows how to activate.

In addition to his affinity for wood, he has always had an intense passion for electronics, searching for parallel technological worlds with playful uses.

His innumerable machines of 50 mc, (affectionately rebaptized Pinocchios) are famous for having turned over on all of the streets of Castellina and for having been actual traveling discotheques on four wheels.

In his work as an artisan, electronic provisions, especially LED lights, make up a recurrent component of his wooden creations. Another dimension where Nicola feels completely at home is in the world of animals: after adopting a group of guinea pigs, he is often found in company of his adored rabbit,  Bistecca, who follows him wherever he goes (and often gives him a little bite).

Nicola’s characteristics make him unique in the heritage of Chianti. It isn’t difficult to recognize him in the artisan markets of our villages, with his colorful paintings of Tuscan landscapes and his “pop up” floral motifs that happily jump out of their frames.

He is probably accompanied by Bistecca, a guinea pig, or by the next unusual animal which he wants to adopt.


Cosimo Ciampoli