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Ivano Reali was born in Romagna, and was raised and educated in Switzerland. After pursuing a marketing career in Switzerland and the United States, he returned to Italy in 2000 to manage the Castello di Gabbiano.

We’re asking him to give us an overview of the company and the Chianti territory.

Reali, what does the Castello di Gabbiano represent?

“It’s a leading company in the Chianti Classico region. Wine production is its priority, having tripled the hectares of Chianti Classico vineyards – but in this estate productive activities, history, tourism, culture and natural beauty blend in a unique and enchanting way”.

What are your medium-term goals?

“We want to promote our superior Chianti Classico wines, I’m talking about the Riserva and the Gran Selezione, which are currently covering only 50% of our production. We have to increase this percentage, especially after the great recognition that our Riserva wines have won in recent years”.

What is your perception of the Chianti Classico today, both as a wine and as a territory?

“I’ve got the impression that today the Chianti Classico is an underrated designation. There are several reasons for this, but I’m not going to list them here. But I also believe that Chianti wines have great opportunities. The world’s most important wineries, Constellation and TWE, have invested in our territory, and important Italian producers have done the same. The Consorzio Chianti Classico is doing a good job, but much remains to be done. There’s no reason why the Chianti Classico wines shouldn’t get all the recognitions they deserve. It’s just a matter of time, we will get there. Talking about the territory, it’s simply number one. I’ve lived in the Napa Valley and visited all the great wine-growing areas of the world, but nowhere have I found a more special territory than the Chianti Classico region”.

Are you planning any acquisition or enlargement projects?

“Not in the short and medium term, apart from the possibility of buying more Chianti Classico vineyards. Our estate fully satisfies us: 150 hectares of vineyards, a Renaissance castle, farmhouses, olive groves, woods and a restaurant (Il Cavaliere), that is giving us great satisfaction”.

And talking more specifically about wine production, what are your projects?

“We’re working hard on the quality of the Chianti Classico, as mentioned, investing in the quantity and quality of our vineyards, using small vats for our production. We believe in the Sangiovese and the Chianti Classico”.

How do you see the Castello di Gabbiano … in 50 years?

“It’s not easy to imagine what the world of wine will be like in 50 years, because things are changing extremely quickly in this sector. But I like to imagine that in 50 years the Castello di Gabbiano will still be a worthy and respected representative of its territory and the Chianti Classico designation!”.

Matteo Pucci