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There are many opportunities to experience the Chianti region in this, the most evocative season of the year.

This land welcomes visitors and curious explorers with beautiful shades and colours in the hills around Barberino Val d’Elsa, Greve in Chianti, Tavarnelle and San Casciano.

There are many opportunities to enjoy the Chianti region and all it has to offer: an unparalleled heritage of tradition, culture, excellent food, wine, and beautiful nature that one can discover in many different ways, with activities that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Autumn recipes and time-honoured flavours deliver experiences that linger in the memory.

You could take a Cooking Class, and learn how to make pasta by hand, according to special secrets handed down by Tuscan grandmothers. Just one of the possibilities offered to tourists by chef Cecilia Dei at the Osteria La Gramola in Tavarnelle.

If you visit the educational farm ‘A spasso con Ciuchino’ – curated and managed by the psychologist Cristina Casanovi – you can learn about the nature of the Valdipesa, along the stream that crosses Sambuca, and the animal world, including hens, rabbits, geese, sheep, pigs and donkeys.

From the earth to the sky. The visitor who chooses Chianti and Valdelsa as holiday destinations can enjoy the beauty of the land, but also learn about the secrets of the night sky, thanks to the opportunities offered by the Osservatorio Polifunzionale del Chianti Fiorentino.

This Observatory, a special place that allows visitors to get a feel for how the universe works, is owned by the municipalities of Barberino and Tavarnelle and managed by the astrophysicist Emanuele Pace.

Activities include guided observations and engaging audio-experiences of the planets, connected to a NASA database.

All these qualities of the Chianti region have also been appropriately chosen by the TG2 Show “Sereno Variabile”, conducted by Osvaldo Bevilacqua: Greve, San Casciano, Barberino and Tavarnelle will feature in a special episode that will be broadcast in a few weeks.