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In an unexpected setting, in the midst of the Chianti countryside, we find a company that is excellent in the field of digital and one of the forerunners in Italy. It develops mobile apps for companies and startups.

In Tavarnelle, Via dell’Artigianato 3, “Distudio” develops beautiful, bespoke, functional and high performance applications for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone operating systems.


The company’s core brand values are in-house development, high technological standards, and attention to detail in the design process. The result of their long and complex work is truly amazing.

But there’s more. The app agency is a smart and ambitious team, which boasts years of experience in mobile projects for businesses, ongoing training and updating, and great customer relationships.

In short, “Distudio” is the ideal reference point for companies and startups which need to improve the marketing strategy and increase sales through mobile solutions, or need apps to be used as major business tools.


And this is proven by all the positive feedback constantly received by this company. These can be found on, along with examples of their work, more detailed information and contacts.

“We felt the need to create something that this area needed” says Marco Guarducci, account manager. “So, with entrepreneurial spirit and much effort, we have pursued our goal”.

“Out of nothing” said Marco, “we have succeeded in creating a company able to meet the needs of various clients, firms of different sizes, sectors and nationalities.”


“From the very beginning – says Luigi Tanzini, developer – our mission was to dedicate personality and artistic ability to the creation of quality software”.

“In this way – explains Luigi – the mobile world allows us to combine art and engineering. We create applications that are elegant, safe and easy to use, to satisfy our customers”.

“Every day we try to create unique user experience and design – says Luca Signorini, designer – adding value by meeting our customers’ needs”.

“Our agency’s winning feature is undoubtedly the team – concludes Luca – We are a strong, tight-knit group and this helps us exchange opinions and helps innovation”.

Noemi Bartalesi