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AspettandoDituntoOn the 30th day of each month, a pedlar used to stop in this small, enchanting village. In the meantime, a young cook from France arrived in the same village and fell in love with the area of Chianti and with its cuisine.

She dedicated her restaurant to the pedlar and the fable still remains today: thirty years later!

For twenty years, the prestigious Michelin brand has been shining in this place, which has made the village of Villa a Sesta known all around the world.

Helen, Nadia Mongiat and the staff of the Bottega del 30, protagonists of the festival, will let you taste their delicacies in street-food version: sandwich with braised pork cheek; chocolate cake with pears and mint.


Il Colombaio

At the foot of the old village of Casole… don’t be fooled by the traditional atmosphere of the cottage: the young cook Maurizio Bardotti is a restless experimenter and researcher of ingredients and cooking methods, which he combines with the typical Tuscan love of blunt and intense flavors, great raw material used, mainly linked to the local producers.

The menu ol Il Colombaio begins with these meaningful words: “We sow and plant everything that the earth allow us to. We reap what caterpillars, porcupines, snails, wasps and birds kindly leave to us. We only get the better on wild boars, which we keep away with electric fences. The only advantage in this situation is that we have a spontaneous biologic production”.

The restaurant Il Colombaio has the most important of Michelin’s recognitions: the star! For Dit’Unto he prepares chocolate, passion fruit and hazelnuts.