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“Poldo’s” success reminds us of the proverb regarding Mohammed and the mountain. His clients, switching the dynamics, go towards the mountains to taste sandwiches, hamburgers, and fried foods.

The street food sandwich shop was born in 2002 from the idea of two young entrepreneurs from Castellina in Chianti. For the first five years, “Poldo” was a fixture outside of the Palazzetto dello Sport in Colle di Val d’Elsa with a clientele made up mostly of young people going out for the evening.

poldo 2Since 2007 the kiosk is also open for lunch with the scope of attracting workers. “Poldo” has a strong identity and has progressively renewed and amplified its offering.

In 2011, the moving structure became a permanent kiosk in Colle di Val d’Elsa, while in 2013 it opened its first closed location in Largo Usilia in Poggibonsi.

“Da Poldo a Poggibonsi” became the first hamburger shop of the group with the ability to prepare gluten free foods. A special kitchen separates ingredients and personnel in order to avoid contamination. It also prepares glutenfree Panini.

poldo 1They now have 12 people between dependents and partners. In addition to Stefano Marchi, one of the two founder, there are Gabriele Bettini and Andrea Tinti. For 2017, they plan on opening in Siena.

The quality Panini consist in a large choice of bread, meat, vegetables and condiments and add other products like fried chicken, fried potatoes, and “olive ascolane”.

There is something for everyone. Over the years it has become a point of reference not only for the lovers of street food and those who want a good hot sandwich at anytime of the day or night, but also a meeting  place.

The Facebook reviews for the sandwich shop are the most tangible example of the rapport and pleasantness of the staff which is always available to personalize your panino.

For those interested in forming a business collaboration and to open their own selling point with the project, “Apri il tuo Poldo”, contact Stefano, Gabriele or Andrea on the web or social channels.

Cosimo Ciampoli