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In via Santa Maria Macerata 4 in Montefiridolfi is a tiny restaurant with an interesting history. In the 1920’s and 30’s, the space was a grocery store but found new life in 2003 when the Simoncini brothers became involved n a series of coincidences. Result…. success.

The brothers were born in Florence but moved to San Casciano with their parents when they were young. They had left a piece of their hearts in Montefiridolfi where they went for summer vacation at their grandparents when they were little.

“A casa mia” is opened from Wednesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner and seats 20. Its original formula, made up of excellent Tuscan dishes, complements a comfortable atmosphere and pleasant owners.


The key word is “simplicity”: every day tableware, moka and pans are served at the table, set with simple tablecloths and mis-matched dishes.

In other words, all the ingredients to make you feel at home: a warm atmosphere and an informal and welcoming feeling.

“We have always been in the hospitality business,” begin Maurizio and Cosimo Simoncini. “Our father opened his first restaurant in 1976: Le Cameracce, in San Donato in Poggio. Then he bought this locale and the apartment upstairs, without knowing what would become of it”.

“In the Chianti region”, they say, “every town has a its own space, but there wasn’t one in Montefiridolfi. We also liked the idea of starting a business in our grandparents’ town. So, without really thinking about it, we launched our adventure”.

“It is as if things had started a while ago”, say the two brothers. “The restored tables and chairs, the showcase found by chance, and the license obtained through a public posting. Everything seemed ready”.


“The clientele is varied”, they continue, “both for age and social class. We have tourists during the season as well as people from the area. We are happy when a local comes in. Two guys from Milano came here specifically to eat at our restaurant”.

“For the menu, one for the winter and one for the summer, we have adopted the soccer expression, “don’t change a winning team”: a large Tuscan antipasto, risotto, handmade ravioli, game, mixed homemade desserts. And the very spicy… spaghettino alla vigliacca”.

How much earlier do you have to make reservations? “Before anyone else does,” they joke. “There isn’t a set rule.  Sometimes two days earlier are enough; other times it takes two weeks. But those who really want to come eat here find a way”.

Noemi Bartalesi