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It isn’t Easter without a chocolate egg, but there are different types of eggs. It isn’t a wedding without the wedding cake, but there are different types of cakes.

The difference, aside from quality, is originality, creativity, personalization: you can find all of this at the Bar Pasticceria Sieni, in Panzano in Chianti, where Sara and Michele Sieni took over their mother Marisa‘s bar in 1994. Previously it was a grocery store where you could find just about everything, run by grandma, in addition to a pastry and ice cream workshop in via Chiantigiana, on the side of Piazza Bucciarelli.

Sara is in charge of cakes and chocolate modeling, Michelle takes care of pastries, cookies and ice cream. The siblings are creative and original, especially Sara who has created different forms with chocolate over the years, from high-heeled stiletto shoes in dark chocolate, milk and mixed dark/white chocolate, as well as different Easter egg decorations every year.

This year there will be a chocolate there will be eggs in the form of puppets and cows, dogs and owls, in bright colors with unusual decorations, side-by-side with the traditional chocolate eggs with classical decorations in sugar.

Of course, the eggs can be personalized. Bring the surprise that goes inside of the egg, choose the decoration and Sara will produce your personalized chocolate egg.

Michele is busy in this period with Easter dove cakes, with panettone at Christmas and in the summer with ice cream. He takes care of cookies all year round, sometimes offering bizzare shapes, but the Sieni siblings are made this way.

The Bar Pasticceria Sieni’s specialty are the cakes. Sara is a specialist in cake design, especially wedding cakes, those based on sponge cake as well as in “millefoglie”. She has been very successful and for two years, 2016 and 2017, has won the “Wedding Awards” prize in the wedding cake category.

The prize is rewarded by on the base of recognition and comments given to wedding cakes by the bridal couple.

Sara says: “What satisfies me most is being appreciated by the couple and wedding planner with whom I work. Being in Panzano helps, because people from all over the world come to get married here. There are many dream locations in Chianti, but I also serve Florence, Siena and Versilia”.

In the time of theme weddings, the cutting of the cake makes the difference in the wedding reception. “The choice of the wedding cake is as important as the choice of the dress, and it is a combined effort by the couple and me. They express their desires and together we define the last details,” affirms Sara. “Then the wedding planner gives a general indication of a color, a theme, sometimes in a brief period. Then I propose the cake, and up until now I have been able to be a success. I have collaborated many times with the Antica Macelleria Cecchini of Dario Cecchini, the prestigious Infinity Weddings agency (Sara Mazzei), and the newly created Blue Flamingo events (Filippo Serni)”.

There are requests for all types of events: births, birthdays, theme parties, etc. And each time the cakes are rich in particulars and declarations. It is a pity to cut them!

Daniela Doddoli