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This is the story of Ivan and Keren and of their passion for music. Thanks to this each part of the Chianti can live again in the name of art and music.

Keren used to live in Ferrara when she was a child, then with her family went back to Israel but always thinking about Italy. After her studies at the Music Academy in Tel Aviv she decided to come back to Italy and started her studies in Music and Opera in Florence.

Ivan, born and raised in a small hamlet in the Chianti has had for music a love at first sight when , during a lyric concert for the Patron Saint of his hamlet, he heard Opera music for his first time.

From that moment on he has never lived without it. After years of study at the Conservatory of Music and a stage at the Siena Jazz Academy he met Keren in Fiesole for an Opera Audition.

From that moment on is born, in my opinion, also our luck!


Their shared passion for the Opera and Classical music brought Ivan and Keren to plan several events all around our marvelous Chianti and these events are not only important for those who love music, are also important because are always planned in venues that most of the times are closed to the public.

In this way they want to add to their music the importance of visiting amazing old churches so that we can all enjoy also architecture and paintings from the roman and medieval times.

They also plan events involving not only musicians but also painters and artists from the Chianti to have the final result of an unforgettable experience.

Their project is called Art in Chianti and can be visited here:

Every Monday from the 24th of July to the 28th of August at 9:00 p.m. concerts will be taken at the marvelous Cupola di San Michele Arcangelo in Petrognano.


Other events will be planned for this summer in Monteriggioni, San Gimignano, Badia a Passignano..

If what you are looking for is art and good music, follow Maestro Ivan Morelli and Soprano Keren Davidovitch and their Art in Chianti project, and your desires will be fulfilled.

Laura Nicolelli Fulgenzi

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