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We meet Debora Chioccini and Simonetta Paoli in their new office, which they’ve opened in Greve in Chianti, in Viale Vittorio Veneto 80 (Galleria della Cantina, on the first floor, 0552696724,

Simonetta and Debora, we remember, are part of the Italian Event Planners group, an agency that has worked successfully for many years in the field of events, covering all of Italy.

“We’re deeply rooted in our territory“, they explain to us. Wedding planners? Sure. But not only that.

Why Greve in Chianti?

“We’ve chosen this new location because of the kinds of requests that we receive (our registered office is in Florence). Many customers, especially foreigners, ask us to organise their wedding in a rustic and intimate venue, to be able to enjoy good food and a countryside view. They want to experience the real Tuscany, and especially the Chianti! We usually take customers to visit the venues and taste the food from caterers or selected restaurants, and then we stop at our office to show photos, projects and simulations of our events”.

When are the “hot” periods?

“As you can imagine, the high season for our wedding planning activity is between April and November. During the winter months we organise other types of events, because our agency not only organises weddings, but also business meetings, business events, gala dinners, and also smaller events such as birthdays, graduation parties and all sorts of parties”.

Who are your customers?

“We work a lot with foreigners, but we’d also like to open up to local customers, given the many opportunities that we have of getting to know venues and suppliers of all prices and for every taste, always of a high standard”.

The season has just ended. Do you have any special memories?

“We have a lot of pleasant memories: our job is quite special because it allows us to empathise with people. We help to make their important moments truly special, like an anniversary or a birthday … Collaborating with our suppliers also enriches us, because they don’t simply provide a service, but become part of our team. Everything is part of a common project: venue, food, flowers, lights, music and all that is needed to create a unique atmosphere for a special day. Many of our collaborators work near us, and this certainly brings positivity to the whole area”.

Is there a special secret for your business?

“It’s very important to work harmoniously and to create a sort of temporary team: this is what we try to do for each event, according to the different needs, style and budget. Every event is tailor-made to our clients’ needs”.