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You have often heard of the legendary beauty of Chianti Classico and you finally decided to take a few vacation days to visit the area.  But when you arrive, you don’t know what to visit, where to go or who are the real protagonists of this land who have made it one of the most sort after destinations in Italy.

Don’t worry! Arianna and Alessio, a tourist guide and a qualified sommelier will help you out. Arianna and Alessio have always shared a passion for the zone of Chianti Classico, where Arianna is the owner of a beautiful villa immersed in the countryside of San Casciano; Villa Montrogoli, a beautiful old farmhouse estate with a breathtaking view of vineyards and olive groves. Arianna rents the villa to tourists every year and they fall in love.

“We live next door”, she explains, “ and we always gave advice on what to visit, where to go which experiences to enjoy, etc.” Thus the idea for their project was born… Km Zero Tours.

“From our passion for the slow rhythms of our beautiful countryside and for the love of our local producers, we decided to create these tours to help tourists discover what the Chianti Classico region offers”.

“As you can tell from our name”, begins Arianna”, our objective is to show the real essence of Chianti, the artisan side”, she explains.

For this reason, these 2 young people, parting from a local prospective (zero km), bring tourists to learn the antique traditions of their land, “by tasting a genuine product or understanding the life of an artisanal product, by showing its productive cycle; from terra-cotta vases to a bottle of wine”.

“In fact, only by touching the production phase of an artisanal product can one understand its authentic value and appreciate it even more”.

From the world of cashmere, to a goat raising farm, to the world of wood, and the antique tradition of terra-cotta, to pasta, wine and oil. Arianna and Alessio will help you discover many things… at 0 kilometers. For info:

Costanza Masini