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Cristina and Stefania took a pause to dedicate themselves to work, family and the children who arrived to enlarge their hearts and smiles.

They put their dreams temporarily a drawer and then, slowly slowly, began to rediscover and renew them, one step at a time.

A few minutes, then a few hours, taken away from their jobs of nursery school teacher and office worker. They soon refound the curiosity, fun and pleasure of dedicating themselves to something that carries them away.

Cristina Marini and Stefania Fiorenzi, natives of San Casciano are companions, wives, mothers and, in the middle of everything, “Artemista Accessori Singolari” (singular accessories) was born.

It is an adventure of creativity made of research, invention and eyes that look at the world and hands that create a new one, explained in a necklace, a bracelet, in a pair of earrings.

Their story was born exactly 10 years ago. Today they have decided to celebrate their anniversay by returning to the people.

In the heart of Chianti, in their favorite place, you can see them on Sunday, May 14, in the city center of Barberino Val d’Elsa, during the event, “Barberino in Fiore”.

“This is one of the initiatives,” they tell us, “in which we have always been happy to participate. The ambience is positive. The place is splendid. The organizers are impassioned. It seemed like fun to celebrate at the event. Are we beginning again? In the meantime, let’s make the first step. Then….we will see”.

“Our idea was born from the desire to exhibit many sides of our creativity. And we realize that this is a broad spectrum: from designing jewels, to photography, to our blogshop and the many open markets to which we have contributed over the years. We are certain that everything has a meaning and is part of a design which, even subconsciously, we began to trace in 2007″.

When Cristina and Stefania joined their creative destinies, starting in a small market in the province of Phisa, they began an itinerary of discovery which is not yet complete.

This has a deep meaning, based in curiosity. The friendship between the two women is a glue. Many friends have surrounded them, supported them, stimulated them.

You can see their work in the above photos: bracelets created from recycled cardboard with a special process and dried without using sources of perishable energy.

In other words: materials dried in the sun and wind. It was a procedure built step by step and applied to a series of necklaces, earrings, pins and rings. Sometimes aluminium, copper and fabrics are imbedded.

Fabric? Another chapter of “Artemista philosophy”: “A large part of our necklace production,” conclude Cristina and Stefania, “is based on fabrics and threads. We try to give new life to fabrics with a “past”; we use a knitwear machine from the early 1900s, completely manual”.

If you want to celebrate with them, they will be in the medieval town of Barberino on Sunday, May 14. Check out their Facebook page (here).