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“The zonation of Chianti Classico has been being discussed for many months in our administration council, and we will also speak about it at the meeting at the end of February”.

Giuseppe Liberatore, Director of the Consortium of Chianti Classico wine, is the voice for the Consortium on one of the hot topics of the Chianti wine world. Marquis Piero Antinori joined the discussion a few days ago, giving more weight to the topic (here the article on WeChianti).

“The council,” announces Liberatore, “has decided to hold frank and open comparisons during the months of April and May, because we feel that it is necessary at this point”.

He specifies that these will be meetings “without the worry about voting: it isn’t a voting assembly. We want to talk about the argument, which is very topical, an argument upon which we all feel decisions have to be made. After this comparison, we will look for possible solutions among our members and discuss how we can go about the recognition of these additional Geographical mentions”.

Liberatore explains that “in a territory like ours, there are all the elements to do it; some might coincide with town borders, others might be zones within a township which, for history, tradition, and notoriety (Panzano and Lamole, for example… but there are many more) have their own identity”.

“The consortium,” Liberatore repeats, “is a motor of ideas. These ideas must find a comparison through its members, like we did a few years ago when we changed the amendment to the specification and the Gran Selezione was born”.

“Comparison and common sense,” he concludes, “will help us find the best solution; the time is right. Meetings about the territory will begin soon. The president and director have already been appointed by the Cda”.

Matteo Pucci