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In their long past, Chianti dwellers – whether by birth or adoption – have lived through various periods of their history drawing strength from their roots, continually improving what they possessed, and what was closest to their hearts.

It is this stubborn character that has made Chianti the land loved by the whole world, a unique one-off example of the human ability to combine beauty, social balance and economic growth.

Carlo Fagiani

Carlo Fagiani

The Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico, with the support of ChiantiBanca, has chosen to pay homage to those who live in its production area, as well as winegrowers, and whose work has helped make it famous worldwide, and also those whose anonymous daily experience is an expression of their identity and culture: from artisans to architects, pharmacists, scientists, artists, butchers and those involved in the most unusual production processes.

Falorni... family

Falorni… family

Sergio Zingarelli, Chairman of the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico and the only direct representative of the world of wine in this project, explains: “The purpose of the exhibition is to give a face to the human and productive energy, as well as wine, behind the daily efforts to make our wonderful land great. Wine is the result of extraordinary synthesis between human and natural elements, not only and specifically during production”.

“In some cases – concludes Zingarelli – like Chianti Classico, this relationship shapes the land and those who live there: our wine wouldn’t be the same without Chianti and the people of this area, and the world they grew up in would be different, without Black Rooster”.


Dario Garofalo

Dario Garofalo, a young but well-established Tuscan photographer, responded to the Consorzio’s call with a story in highly effective and attractive images, displayed in the foyer of the Stazione Leopolda during the Collection event, to offer visitors an ideal journey through Chianti, face to face with its people.

The Leopolda is just the first stage of “Chianti Tellers”: starting in April, the exhibition can be visited at the Casa Chianti Classico in Radda in Chianti, in the heart of its territory (, but other stages are under development for the next few months.