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Divine meals, professionalism and euphoria: there is no place better than “La Fattoria” to meet these goals.The restaurant is located in a delightful farmhouse amid the hills of Romita (near the town of Tavarnelle).

In a friendly and joyous climate, the Corsini family has been serving its famous dishes for 2 generations: fried sage, homemade ravioli and piglet are some of their special offerings.

The fireplace, element of homeliness and delicacies, is in evidence. Among the summer water balloons, jokes and toasts, the fundamental ingredients of “La Fattoria” are the choruses.

Born as a student greeting, they have become catchphrases for Tavarnelle and the area, thanks also to the contagious pleasantness of Simone Cavuoti, “Il Cobra”, spearhead of the staff.

By mixing everything, we arrive at a quality product; experience, cordiality and assured fun. Here, you will find an old-fashioned taste of simplicity which you will want to try again and again.

“After the flood,” say Gino and Riccardo Corsini, father and son, “the old owner, had a place on the Ponte Vecchio and transferred here to the area. He opened “Nino” and sublet it. They made snacks: grilled chicken and pizza”.

“In 1980,” they say, “we took over. Thus the restaurant, “La Fattoria”, was born, mostly known for our three or four specialties. Our seasonal Tuscan menu offers a sorbet of sage and lemon between the first and second courses”.

“We are lucky to have a place where people want to come and work,” they tell us. “Here you can find serenity and openness. Our workers meet often for a movie or happy hour. Next to our chef, Adriana, who has been here for 30 years, we have had many chefs of various nationalities”.

“It is extraordinary that we have both a wood grill and a wood oven. On the grill we have cooked everything; veal, wild boar, and deer”.

“In addition to the tourists who come here every year,“ they add, “we feed many people from the area every day for lunch and dinner except on Monday. Our customers are Florentines, Sienese or passersby. We organize catering for weddings and other events”.

“This job requires sacrifice,” conclude the owners, “but it is gratifying. There is the satisfaction of being known everywhere. It is a pleasure to create new friendships: two years ago American clients even paid for us to hold a cooking school in Nevada”.

Noemi Bartalesi