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Training courses began in Montepulciano on January 25 for dependents of the Pro Loco which operate in the offices for Information and Tourist Hospitality in the province of Siena.

It is a project promoted by the regional committee Pro Loco Toscana, the Provincial Committee of the Pro Loco of the Province of Siena, together with the Pro Loco of the territoy and the patronage of the Union of Tuscan Provinces.

In our territories, and particularly in Chianti Classico (Florentine and Sienese) tourism, hospitality and information have always been fundamental regarding tourism.

To this scope, for many years, training and refresher courses for workers been organized to enrich professionalism within the structures while strengthening the network among the offices.

The free courses were organized by the Pro Loco offices of all the provinces of the region. They are held every year and managed in collaboration with trainers qualified in tourism.

These are from the ”Rete Core” and involve over 300 Pro Loco and 90 information and tourist greeting offices. The oldest was founded in the 1950s; others are managed in collaboration with local offices.

In the province of Siena, the course was made up of six meetings, three in Montepulciano and three in Poggiboni. 30 dependents, all the Pro Loco offices as well as volunteers impassioned by the theme, attended.

Arguments faced included subjects like web marketing, online promotion of the territory, storytelling and digital writing, and were held by qualified trainers and experts in the tourist sector.

Training is a long term investment on people, dependents, and volunteers and has an important influence on the territory which has access to personnel, who, through long experience boast professionalism and constant updating.

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