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On Sunday, February 12, at 4 PM a new store will officially open in the village of Marcialla. In small Chianti towns the opening of a new store merits a party, especially one opened by a young girl, in this case, Valentina Paoletti, 35, from Certaldo.

Valentina has been living in Marcialla since 2010 when she married a local. She became familiar with the town when she came to do theatre.

“And today,” she said smiling, “I live behind the Regina Margherita Theatre and am vice president of the association that manages the theatre”.

Hers was a life choice. “I used to work in the office of a company which makes picture frames in Certaldo. I traveled abroad through all of Europe (Belgium and Scandinavia) and was in charge of the business office”.

But life often bring surprises. And now the town which Valentina has learned to know and love opens up a door for her. “In Marcialla”, she tells us, “the only food store closed two years ago. Stores here are necessary. There is a bar, the post office, the bank, a dry goods store, a bazaar and, now… me”.

Valentina explains the type of store she wants to create. She defines it as a “generic mini market based on known products. I want to develop a line of local organic products which come from 0 km. Wine, olive oil, fruit, vegetables. It will be closed on Sundays in the beginning. For the summer… we will see. The store will be open from Saturday until Sunday and closed on Wednesday afternoons”.

Valentina is creating a website and will offer the possibility for delivery directly to your home or for pick up at the store. The website is still in construction and will give important details about everything regarding the shop including all of the products and services connected to it.

Matteo Pucci