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Not only excellent wines, in the land of the Florentine Chianti. Among the rows of grapes that extend over the gentle slopes, Olivia was born, a high-quality craft beer that offers a new way of expressing this territory of excellence.

The name itself, Olivia, is a tribute to the centuries-old trees that characterize the hills between Florence and Siena where it is produced.

In fact, Olivia was born among the olive groves of the Olearia del Chianti, in Panzano in Chianti, and her young and lively notes look to tradition, offering, at the same time, a fresh and original variation.

Olivia, made in the Blonde, Red, “Mora” versions with an alcohol content between 5 and 7%, is a line of unpasteurized craft beers, free of preservatives and non-microfiltered, obtained from the mixture of very pure waters, fragrant malted and precious cereals hops.

They range from Blonde with golden reflections, which has herbaceous and hay notes, to Red with a citrus aftertaste, to “Mora” with intense toasted notes of biscuit and caramel.

Born essentially for food and wine combinations, Olivia is able to reinterpret the ancient recipes of the master brewers and to marry traditional dishes.


“We start from the Tuscan territory to create a trendy product that is based on quality and territoriality – says Matteo Gonnelli, owner of the Azienda Olearia del Chianti and of Agricola Valle Nel Chianti – In other words, Olivia represents for us another way to express the Chianti area: a fresh, young, lively way, which looks at tradition with respect, but also offers new sensory variations “.

“Olivia – he remarks – wants to meet the new tastes of Italians, who have learned to appreciate the versatility and lightness of beer even at the table”.

The launch of the new beer, which took place these days in Panzano in Chianti, is certainly a point of arrival, but at the same time a starting point: in the first phase, Olivia will be distributed in Tuscany, to later target the national market.