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Cristiano Cini, former president of the regional association for the four-year period 2018-2022, was reconfirmed for a second term as president of AIS Toscana.

Which for the next four years has in mind an increasingly “open and inclusive association, with members and delegations more than ever at the center of a coordinated work project, with the ambition to further raise the already high level of preparation of sommeliers. and of the whole association “.

Massimo Castellani is confirmed to the delegation of Florence; in Siena Marcello Vagini.

To complete the team of President Cini the elected regional councilors: Roberto Bellini, Luca Radicchi, Stefano Sandrucci, Leonardo Taddei and Maurizio Zanolla.

“We are the second Italian region in terms of number of members – says president Cini – and we have a widespread representation in the area that makes the Tuscan association an excellence of its kind”.


In the future of AIS Toscana, still under the guidance of Cristiano Cini, there is also an eye for higher education, which is configured as “an increasingly important and strategic service, as it helps to create new professional opportunities and to guarantee a better future for our association “.

Communicators and storytellers, room staff and reception staff in the cellar and much more: many nuances for the sommelier profile that deserve to be enhanced each for their own inclinations, in a sector that from an economic point of view on a global level assumes a increasingly significant incidence.