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There’s a lot of hype around cooking and recipes. And while we are bombarded with cooking TV programs and gastronomic challenges between superstar chefs, it’s becoming increasingly rare to find dishes that are expressions of tradition and authenticity.

And this is what the chef at Borgo Casa al Vento agriturismo, Antonio Sapienti, treasures the most: simple ingredients to create authentic dishes. The agriturismo is set in Barbischio, on the scenic hills of Gaiole in Chianti.

In his open kitchen Antonio creates real culinary magic: maltagliati and hand made durum wheat ‘pici’, long marinated game sauces, using spices and aromas from the garden, and fresh cakes often enriched with the intense flavour of Vinsanto sweet wine.

“Our cooking classes at Casa al Vento – explains Francesco Gioffreda, the owner – are a cherished tradition, with guests from all over the world coming to see and learn from the work of chef Antonio”.

Defying the seasons, the restaurant is also open for lunch from mid-February until the end of November.

During Summer every Saturday, in the long and warm evenings, the borgo’s garden lights up with intense aromas coming from the grill.

A visit to the winery is not to be missed: before or after lunch (or before dinner) the winery and the vineyards of the borgo are open to visitors, and can be enjoyed with a pleasant and informative walk led by Michele Monica.

These innovations show the pride and passion that Francesco Gioffreda has put into this very special place. Things that have made Borgo Casa al Vento one of the places to visit in Gaiole and the Chianti region.