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There are people in our territory who represent something unique, who link the deep soul of Chianti and its communities, to its future, its work and business.

This is the case of Fabio Corti, one of the founders along with Giampiero Galgani and Claudio Guarducci of the Tavarnelle School of Music. A lively part of the panorama of musical education in the area. A place of culture, social engagement and, of course, music.

His life takes place between the village and the countryside around Tignano. Today he is in fact the “purchasing manager” of the Castello del Nero Hotel & Spa.

His family has lived in Tavarnelle for seven generations, and tells us with a gentle smile: “Three of my family work here at the Castle. Valeria, my wife, me and Riccardo, my son, who is a gardener”.

“I arrived as a bursar – he tells us – before this I used to work at Ghiott, in Sambuca. And prior to that I had a wholesale stationery business in Osmannoro. Our main focuses were school, tourist and didactic sectors: then, with the advent of large supermarkets and large retailers, I decided to leave”.

“I arrived at the Castello del Nero in 2006 – he continues – they offered me a job because my wife was already working there, and they liked working with families. At the beginning I was the bursar, in charge of purchasing and distribution of goods. With the passage of time I started to deal mainly with purchasing, everything but the food and beverage”.

One of the cornerstones of Fabio’s job is working with local supply companies: “For many reasons this is the solution we prefer. We are a complex business and we need to know how to adapt to different kinds of situations. How to be flexible so we can better serve our customers. To achieve this we have built a network of links with the very best local suppliers”.

Fabio leaves us with a reflection full of hope and pride: “The owners at Castello del Nero have put a lot of faith in us, always supporting us to the utmost. After ten years, the results are there for all to see”.

Matteo Pucci