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logoArticoliFor the first time, the Chianti Territory will be the protagonist of an event about the world of weddings.

On Saturday, September 30 and Sunday, October 1, Villa le Corti, in San Casciano, will become the exclusive location of a fair in an area that will involve participating services and local businesses: Wedding in Chianti.

It is an event sought out and sponsored by the town administration of San Casciano, (WeChianti and Gazzettino del Chianti will be media partners), in order to support the true spirit with which the event is proposed: to promote the Chianti Territory in the world of weddings, starting with the local potential that is offered.

During the two days, businesses choosing to participate will be able to exhibit inside the various spaces offered by Villa le Corti and to put their strong points, characteristics and professionalism on display.

The event wants to distinguish itself from other fairs in the sector by proposing interactivity between professionals and visitors through workshops, a beauty showroom and a tour which will start in Villa Le Corti and bring those interested directly to diverse locations spread throughout the territory. In this way they will be able to personally see and evaluate the different offers.

It is a fair with an innovative blueprint which will try to give value to the services and businesses by giving them a way to demonstrate who they are and what their value is.

The data speaks clearly. Over the last few years, Chianti has been one of the growing destinations for wedding tourism. The fair will be a showcase of Chianti for tour operators and professionals in the sector as well as for those who work with foreigners, giving them new stimulus to present and propose our territory in a different manner.

A new website has been created for the occasion (,  not only for the event, but created as a type of multimedia catalogue where you can find all of the local services and businesses connected with weddings.

It is an important opportunity to make oneself known and reinforce the spirit of collaboration, respect, help and reciprocal support among the many and diverse professionals of the trade.

“Wedding in Chianti, un territorio da sposare” aims to be an the event which will highlight the heritage and potential as well as the richness and beauty which this part of Tuscany offers, this time for a romantic event in a wedding dress.