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A young couple on their honeymoon participated in the Chianti Classico Marathon with the numbers 279 and 280.

On their honeymoon from Washington, they ran 10 kilometers across towns, abbey, castles and vineyards and olive groves in Chianti, passsing through unpaved roads and paths immersed in nature.

At the start of the Marathon, Christiana and David, were called to the podium on Sunday, May 7, to receive regards from the mayor, Massimiliano Pescini.

There were various announcements calling the couple while the other contestants were impatient for the departure. The couple couldn’t be found, perhaps for shyness, perhaps because they decided to keep warm under the covers and skip the race.

At the last moment, the two appeared, introducing themselves and receiving a warm applause from the audience and a handshake from the mayor.

Right after the departure, they joined the others in this beautiful adventure.

We met them again along the path of the race with a smile and a wave. They kept smiling through the fatigue of the marathon until the finish line in the Mercatale piazza.

Antonio Taddei