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The nice weather always brings new ideas. Some of the most beautiful and wellknown locations of Chianti come alive.

Parks and gardens fill with figures of terracotta by the sculptor, Matthew Spender and their halls and salons exhibit the landscapes by the artist, Maro Gorky.

These two artist chose Chianti as their home in the 1960’s (before it was known as “Chiantishire”). They are cultured and curious explorers, forerunners of things to come.

These artists have maintained intact the most authentic elements of their artistic research, that which encouraged them to settle down among these hills.

Chianti wants to honor them with an artistic itinerary which has the flavor of research, a possibility of meditation which connects the various locations with the various installations.

Three special structures take part in the project: the Spaltenna Castle, an historic “relais” with a Michelin star, Capanelle, a real wine boutique with its extraordinary “caveau” and the Castello di Meleto, a manner rich with various architectural elements reaching from the 11th century to its lovely theatre from the 1700s.

Castello di Spaltenna

Castello di Spaltenna

You can get to know all through tours and events which are on the program for the entire season: musical evenings, theatre and meetings.

“Let yourself be led by this path of the ‘good life’,” says the curator, Augusto Bianciardi. “We have called it “Affinita’ elettive”, where each attraction of Goethian memory, is reciprocal”.

The presentation will take place on May 20 at 6 PM in the courtyard of the Castello di Spaltenna. For the occasion, in addition to the catalogue, the season’s program of music, theatre and meetings of the other 2 locations will be presented.

They are connected by a circular path of 12 kilometers specifically marked (in collaboration with the Fondazione Chianti Storico) and assisted by maps and informative materials which will bring the visitor to discover the works of art through various types of charming walks.