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The “zero” edition of the “Classico E-Bike”, organized by Chianti Live (based in Radda), was a huge success.

It brought tourists from all of Italy to Chianti to travel around the territory, both the Florentine and Siena areas, with the help of an electric bicycle.

At the last moment, there was a partnership with a colossal of German energy who has interests in the world of electric bikes.

Tens of people signed up on the first day and pedaled 43 km of unpaved roads: from Radda towards Greve, then Lamole and Volpaia. The second day involved more than 50 km in the part of Sienese Chianti, on mostly  unpaved roads: castles, Gaiole, Castelnuovo.

“They arrived from Torino, Brescia and Pavia,” happily say those of Chianti Live. “We rented some bicycles, they had some of their own. It should be underlined that many participants don’t usually bike, but on this occasion, thanks to the electric bike, they were able to easily conclude the routes”.

This is an event which once again confirms the willingness, on the part of Chianti live, to bring tourists to the area out of season. Participants slept in hospitality structures of the area.

They were guests of two organized dinners on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday afternoon, after an intense weekend in Chianti, they went home.

“We can already say,” concludes Chianti Live, “that thanks to the interest in the event, for participation and media coverage, especially in related magazines, that we are already working towards the 2018 edition!”.

Matteo Pucci