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Two prestigious historic Chianti estates, the Villa Mangiacane and the Castello il Palagio can be added to the fabulous locations where you can say “I do”.

The project to valorize and promote the Township of Chianti’s proposal, which bets on wedding tourism, is intensifying.

San Casciano has been added to the list of towns where you can celebrate civil wedding rites. In addition to town areas including the Council Hall, the library and the Niccolini Theatre, the Pescini junta has added civil service offices in the Villa Mangiacane and Il Palagio Castle.

You can now live your wedding day among the Chianti hills in structures of high historic, cultural and environmental value.

According to some sources tied to Michelangelo Buonarroti, the Villa Mangiacane, owned by Machiavelli and located between Mercatale and Greve, in Campoli, was instrumental in the defense of the territory, by remaining strong during the expedition of the Emperor Arrigo Vll.

“The period estates, medieval castles, villages and historic buildings which tell the story and identity of Chianti,” comments the assessor for tourism, Roberto Ciappi, “present a unique opportunity for numerous Italian and foreign couples who choose Chianti as an ideal location for their wedding”.

Adhesion to the project occurred after the publication of a notice to those interested in calling attention to places suitable to accommodate civil rites in the territory.

State civil offices for the celebration of certain structures which have historic, architectural, environmental or artistic value in the area were created for this scope.

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