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A long awaited project has finally come to fruition. Radda in Chianti has a tourist promotional site all its own.

“We were thinking about creating something really functional for the promotion of our territory for years,” says Silvia Brogi, the go-to girl for the Pro Loco. “But a little beause of having so much to do, and a little for not having the necessary funds, we couldn’t finalize our ideas for a long time”.

However, the first turning point arrived two years ago, when it was decided to create a two sided map with the center of town on one side and the entire township on the other. This map, where all places of interest and commercial activities are displayed, is now given to visitors to the town.


“The result of the map was exceptional,” continues Silvia, “but we realized that it was limiting for who really wanted to experience Radda to the fullest”.

Thanks to the success of the map, it was decided to take an additional step, creating a website for those who spend their time in the village and neighboring areas, making it an all-around offer., the name of the site, was chosen through an online choice directly by the users: it is a portal through which whomever stops in Radda can organize his or her stay to the best advantage according to their own tastes and time available.

Do they have only a few hours and want an excellent glass of wine while eating something typical of the zone? The section, eat and drink, demonstrates all of the places to visit, noting them on the map.

If you are in doubt regarding which place to choose, if you write in the name, all information necesary will appear, from opening and closing hours to the description of the proposed cuisine.

The same is valid for all other sections, from walks (with maps, lengths of trip, and trip times), to hotels and shops. There are even bicycle routes thanks to a collaboration between the Township and “Backroads”, created in October, 2015, during the world rally of Backroads which took place in Radda.

The site, which can also be used via smartphone, is charming, even if only for the splendid photos taken by Martino Balestreri and for the competence offered by the Adm Italia Comunicazione, the company which created the site. Silvia tells us that the site has been available for a little more than a month.

It is still growing, and the objective is to continue increasing the options. The results are already encouraging, considering the number of hits and the growing number of requests by companies and shops to be added.

Whoever has a space on the site, can continually update its own profile information based on the proposals offered from time to time for the tourist.

Emanuele Grazzini