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Podernovi is a farmhouse not far from the Brolio castle. It became famous and became a main tourist destination when it became an integral part of the movie set of the 1996 film by Bernardo Bertolucci, “Io ballo da sola”.

Today the farmhouse is a rare example of historic and architectural integrity of Chianti, a farmhouse which has remained as is instead of being transformed into a luxury villa or resort aimed towards wealthy tourists.

40 volunteers from all over Italy worked to create an emotional itinerary of the senses which entwines among the olive trees, fields of Gerbera, colors of copper on the wools, and the ancient bread oven, blackened by flames.

“Slow Flowers Chianti”. The work of the volunteers, mixed with the passage of more than 3000 visitors, did not disturb the work of the swallows who continue to build their nest under the rafters of a room filled with flowers.

Tommaso and Tania Torrini, who created “La rosa canina”, first as a shop, then as a specialized workshop in floral design for weddings, are inspired by the still life paintings of famous Flemish artists.

The use of cuts of cultivated flowers (while bearing in mind the environment) are created by greenhouse artisans.

Among these is the “Fiori di Puscina”, a business from Montefollonico, in the township of Torrita di Siena and run by the Cugusi sisters who have converted grazing land into a reserve colored by flowers.

Inside and out of the Podernovi farmhouse, you can find a path that instantly soothes us with the dream and poetry of memory, in quickened hearbeats; memories of doors shut by the force of glacial winds and reopened by the warmth of the words of Alda Merini: “Tu non sai: ci sono betulle che di notte levano le loro radici, e tu non crederesti mai che di notte gli alberi camminano o diventano sogni” (“You don’t know: there are birch trees which raise their roots at night, and you would never believe that at night the trees walk or become dreams”).


Andrea Pagliantini