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The Eroica is promising new emotions in Montalcino with the first edition of “Eroica Montalcino”, scheduled for Sunday, May 7.

This race follows the new under 23 event between the provinces of Grosseto and Siena and the “Nova Eroica” in Buonconvento. The city of Montalcino, known in all the world for the production of Brunello wine, will host the event which will highlight cyclists on bicycles built before 1987 on mainly unpaved roads. T

he site is the charming scenery of the 209 kilometers of the Eroica, south of Siena between the Val d’Arbia, the Val d’Orcia and the Crete Senesi. There are 4 itineraries available, all leaving from Montalcino and spreading out towards the Val d’Orcia, passing through Bagno Vignoni, San Quirico d’Orcia, Pienza, Montisi and Trequanda.

The Eroica, invented in 1997 by Giancarlo Brocci for his love of the bicycle, has deep roots: “We admire the values of past cycling which we would like to emulate,” says Brocci. “This was cycling which wrote history, literature, culture, custom and even music in Italy. We want to look for and diffuse the authentic roots of an extraordinary sport that carries the soul of the people, in order to rediscover the beauty of hard work and the pleasure of the task. The ‘heroic’ cycling of Bartali and Coppi is that capable of teaching real need, that tied to sacrifice , which looks for the limits of the physical…when thirst, hunger and weariness are felt in their intensity. It is cycling with the ability to spread respect and create ties among loyal adversaries”.

More than 1.000 cyclists who signed up for the first edition of the Eroica Montalcino will arrive in Montalcino and the surrounding area before the date of the race. The event gives the opportunity to paricipate in the Eroica Festival of Montalcino with exciting events for young and old beginning on Friday, May 5.


Eroica Festival in Montalcino

This will take place over a period of three days (May 5-7) in Montalcino, a beautiful town with excellent world reknown wine. Theatre, music, books, street games and itinerants in the historic center of town will await the departure of the “heroic” pedalers.

There will be many occasions to celebrate. There will be a last, special kilometer 1000’s of strange faces, antique jerseys, unpaved roads, beards and mustaches, all on bicycles… featuring Italian and foreign beauty.

Each stop wil be dedicated to one of our heroes: The street signs will celebrate them. Garibaldi and the Piazza del Popolo will be re-baptized Idrio Bui and piazza Marcello Osler, for example. Many will be present at the festival where we will be able to listen to and meet them. We remember them as strong, generous and unique.

This, according to the artistic director, Andrea Satta: “Marzio Bruseghin, Idrio Bui, Pietro Campagnari, Paolo Fornaciari, Franco Mori, Primo Mori, Marcello Osler, Roberto Conti, Emilio Casalini and Ercole Gualazzini. Come one and all, those young and old who retain a spark of infancy in your heart”

You can live the Eroica Montalcina on your vintage bike in four ways

The most difficult itinerary is spread out over 171 kilometers through the Val d’Orcia and its Unesco treasure. The real “Eroici” willl fal lin love with this trail. Be prepared to sweat and enjoy.

The 102 kilometer race should not be undervalued. This is adapted to trained athletes who aren’t afraid of ascents.

The 70 kilomer course is for those who want to follow an itinerary along legendary locations like Castiglion del Bosco.

The 46 kilometer trail is for those who desire a shorter road but who still want to see some legendary sections of the road along the Eroica, like Castiglion del Bosco.