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China and wine for the Italians, wine and Italy for the Chinese; double public, double language, news, investigating and soon, videos: is born. It is the first website and social network specialized in the wine market between the two countries.

“Our objective,” explains LPC Holding, with head office in Hong Kong and coordinating offices in Shanghai and Florence, “is to keep operators and fans caught up on events, news and tendencies in the sector, and to find simultaneously developing possibilities of meetings and discussions.” “The project,” they continue, “was born partly to fill the lack of independent information in both directions to give Italian producers and operators extra instruments to help them get oriented in a context which is difficult to understand.”



WT is first of all a useful instrument, but also a center for discussion and reflection, “because in China”, they underline, “sometimes it is necessary to decipher rather than to understand”.

“At the same time, we will try to offer new information to our Chinese colleagues and contribute to communicating as best as possible to what is going on in the Italian wine world”.

“For now, there are six of us, divided between Italy and China,” they say in conclusion. “The seat of the newspaper is Hong Kong, with offices in Shanghai and Florence. The general management is entrusted to an Italian journalist; in China, it is run by a Chinese journalist”.