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A form of ecological tourism, born in the United States and spreading in Switzerland is now taking place in Italy.

Trekking with goats in Gaiole in Chianti is proposed for two weekends – April 8-9 and April 15-17 – by ITExists, Unconventional Italy, in collaboration with ChiantisNature and the Hotel San Sano.

There are already many reservations. An expert environmental/excursion local guide will accompany visitors in the discovery of the landscape of historic Chianti.


Michele Pescini

Michele Pescini

The pace is slow and fun, accompanied by four adorable goats. The trek will cover the antique windmills on the Arbia creek and will reach the olive groves.

It is a breathtaking tour which allows you to discover the beauty of the Tuscan countryside in an original way, with symbiosis with this special animal who has been side-by-side with man for centuries.

“Applause to this private initiative,” comments the mayor of Gaiole in Chianti, Michele Pescini. “It will contribute to the promotion of Gaiole, confirming the vitality of our business structure, especially the strong tie among tour operators in the Territory”.

“From the joining of tourist operators, farmers and fans of trekking – concludes Pescini – winning sinergies like this are born. They give added value, which is indispensable for the characterization and increase of the local tourist offering in a territory like historic Chianti which has much to tell and see, an ideal place for experimental tourism”.