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“La Gramola”, delicious trattoria in the center of Tavarnelle, has a new website. Starting today, it offers a new service which shouldn’t be missed: “tasting” coupons can be found in the section, “Regala il gusto”, as well is in the “Shop” (click here).

It is very simple and functional. You can choose among a vast gamma, a menu for one or two people which adheres to your own taste and pockets. You can pick the recipient and surprise people who are dear to you.


After filling out the request and paying with a bank transfer or credit card, just show up at the restaurant with the confirmation of the purchase.

You can taste the Gramola’s delicacies within six months of purchase. Next to the talented chef, Cecilia Dei, Massimo Marzi opened La Gramola in 1994 with the idea of offering historic local dishes.

The restaurant is in a farmhouse which bears a friendly atmosphere. The name of the locale was taken from a machine used for grapes. It relates to Massimo’s passion for wine.

Massimo is a sommelier and carries 40 different wine labels, mostly Chianti, but covering all of Italy and some of France and America. What can we add? Nothing.

We pass the word to the owner of the restaurant, La Gramola. In the meantime we are going online to buy a wonderful tasting coupon for an unforgettable lunch for dinner.

“This is an occasion to find a special menu at a good price, “ begins Massimo Marzi. “You might want to give it as a gift to friends and relatives. You can also personalize the experience by reserving  a specific dish”.

“There are three individual menus,” he explains. “Il singolo” has two courses and coffee and is adapted to someone in a hurry. Similar to a Drive in experience, it offers hamburger and a drink for 15 euros. With the Piatto unico del contadino you can taste traditional foods”.

“For something a little bit more complicated,” he explains, “we propose 3 or 5 courses for two persons, paired with our wines, for a total cost of between 60 and 110 euros. There is an excellent quality/price for the Prova l’Osteria la Gramola; everything is a surprise”.

“Our best dishes are those tied to local ingredients and slowly refined. For example, we offer an antipasto with creme brulee made of chicken livers, caramelized apple, and holy wine, or carpaccio of celeriac with arugula and Parmesan”.

“Some first courses,” he continues, “are pappardelle made with farro flour with duck sauce, at one time prepared during the thrashing of the wheat, and the ever present pappa al pomodoro and ribollita”.

“Between peposo and “drunk” pork,” concludes Massimo, “there is also the sliced beef in “aspretto” (vinegar with aromas of citrus and flowers). And to end in “sweetness”, dessert: panpepato, creamed ricotta cake and biscotti”.

Noemi Bartalesi