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The wine magazine, “Civiltà del Bere” (, has given the news that Marquis Piero Antinori is in favor of the zonation of Chianti Classico.

He said it at the presentation of the book, “Chianti Classico, the search for Tuscany’s noblest wine” written by the master of wine, Bill Nesto and his wife Frances Di Savino.

The book contains an hypothesis regarding the zonation of the territory of Chianti Classico. “In fact, a zonation already exists. Perhaps it is time to make this more official,” declared Marquis Antinori.

This is a path, the “Frenchification” of Chianti Classico, which has been increasing its followers. There are some examples already active; it is enough to think of the various unions of wineries territory by territory.

Very relevant are those in the area of Greve in Chianti, which has particularly active zones; Panzano in Chianti, Montefioralle, Lamole. San Casciano has also created an Association of producers of Chianti Classico from SanCasciano.

In many other areas, for now we are dealing with manifestations, meetings, initiatives, and collectives; we are not far from a more decisive step from both a promotional and contextual point of view.

Marquis Antinori, still reading, defines the text of Nesto and Di Savino “already a stronghold in the Chianti Classico area from an agronomic and oenological point of view, but also historically and legislatively. Chianti Classico needs increased expression in the territory”.

This is an expression which could actually come from zonation, and many wineries are looking with interest at the possibility of distinguishing Chianti Classico wines not only as vintage, reserve, or grand selection, but also with a comment about the area of production.

It is a work of distinction which helps the consumer to enjoy the diversity of the Chianti Classico territory in the bottle. The challenge has been launched, and it was launched by a heavyweight.

Matteo Pucci