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50 interpretations created by children enriches the new stage of Fabio De Poli‘s artistic journey.

The work of Genoese artist Fabio De Poli – winner of the Andersen prize – arrives in the hills of Chianti, in San Donato in Poggio (until May 26th).

An exhibition that presents a 40-year long journey into the world of artistic languages. Many of his unpublished works will be on display in the prestigious Palazzo Malaspina, side by side with some artworks by young students who have reinterpreted the master’s complex artistic world and vision.

The series of events at Palazzo Malaspina – promoted by the Unione comunale del Chianti Fiorentino – opens with the exhibition 1980199020002010 by Fabio De Poli. A painter, a sculptor, a teacher with a flexible and eclectic sensitivity, who is moved by different artistic languages, cultures and experiences.

Fabio’s gaze is fixed both in front of him and inside himself, investigating all aspects of life and the most deeply rooted labyrinths of existence. He opens his suitcase to stage a journey that spans 40 years.

The title might look like a numeric code, but it’s not. In that sixteen figure sequence, we travel back in time with De Poli, in a space-time continuum, from 1980 to 2010.

The retrospective exhibition includes a section with fifty works by the students in their last year of primary school in Pistoia.

The children, thanks to a venture organised by the Marino Marini Foundation of Pistoia, had the opportunity to learn and experiment with Fabio De Poli’s art during a workshop conducted by the same artist in their school.

They’ll be present at the exhibit in the Chianti with their parents and teachers.

The exhibition is curated by Leonardo Farsetti, and an exhibition catalogue will be delivered during the inauguration.

The work of Fabio De Poli will leave a permanent mark on the heritage of contemporary art and culture – enhanced by the Unione comunale del Chianti fiorentino – starting a collaboration between the cultural and educational paths of the areas of Pistoia and Florence.

Free admission. Info: Pro Loco San Donato in Poggio 0558072338, Infopoint 0558077832.