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Tuscany focuses on traditional desserts to describe the territory and its cultural identity. Traditional biscuits and cakes are usually linked to religious festivals and are a symbol of conviviality, celebration and festivities. They speak of traditions, family, identities and peculiarities.

Vetrina Toscana, the project of the Regione Toscana and Unioncamere Toscana promoting restaurants and local food shops – has produced 11 videos dedicated to typical Tuscan sweets. The title is “Trastulli Toscani”, which gives the idea of a fun pastime. Little treats, a way to pamper yourself, like the roasted and salted pumpkin seeds which in Tuscany were called ‘trastullini’.

Each dessert is the symbol of a particular Tuscan city, while the cantuccini biscuits represent the hospitality of the whole region.

“Trastulli Toscani” is also the title of a contest that starts today, whose aim is to tell the story of Tuscany, from its ancient roots to the present day.

Traditional sweets and cakes, grandmother’s recipes handed down over the centuries, but also reinterpretations and new family recipes, they all become the starting point for telling stories about the region.

The aim for the contest “Trastulli Toscani” – presented by Vetrina Toscana – is to collect ancient recipes, to preserve them and also to adapt them to modern taste. Italians and foreigners, bloggers and journalists are invited to illustrate their Tuscany, or a memory linked to this region, through the story of a traditional dessert.

The contest started on April 17th and will end on July 17th. For info and rules:

The text will have to tell an experience or a story related to the recipe sent to participate. All texts and recipes positively evaluated will be published on

The best 50 selected texts will be awarded in a special event organised by the Regione Toscana. They will then be published in a free e-book downloadable from the official websites.