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Jamie Oliver, the ebullient English chef who knows his way around Italian cooking, has a sort of “second home” in the Chianti region, at the Macelleria Cecchini butcher shop in Panzano in Chianti.

He comes here at least two or three times a year with his family. He’s good friend with Dario Cecchini. And he loves and appreciates the simplicity of the Chianti lifestyle.

He was here a few months ago, during the shooting of his show “Jamie cooks Italy”, in which a very important part was dedicated to grandmothers’ cooking: “Cooking with Nonnas”.

And who has he chosen, if not the “queen” of all Chianti grandmothers, born and bred in Panzano? Miriam Serni Casalini, a real icon of our region, the author of books on Chianti culture and cuisine.

She hosted Jamie with grace and her delightful determination. Keeping a close eye on him while they were cooking some delicious pappardelle.