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Investing your money using the Internet and doing everything in complete independence: a fashion that’s becoming increasingly popular among users who are passionate about share trading and have found on the web the ideal outlet for their financial instincts.

For some years now, the web has become a vast market for all kinds of financial products: from stock exchange shares, to raw materials and foreign currencies, derivatives and so on.

This shift to the virtual world has a basic reason: the investors want to be able to do everything autonomously without having to rely on intermediaries.

This freedom of movement obviously requires a certain familiarity with the trading world. If not, the risk could be too high. Without experience in this field, people could potentially throw away their money. So, how do you start trading on line?

First of all you need to register with a trading platform and open an account; once this is done, it’s time to get the ball rolling, and invest your savings on the relevant markets.

Remember that some of these platforms provide the user with a very useful tool that allows them to practice in a virtual environment, using fictitious money. These are the so-called online trading demo accounts.

Basically, the user who opens the account starts to use the platform by trading through software that replicates the trend of real markets; a sort of videogame, or if you prefer an educational tool that teaches the novice investor how that specific market works. Only when you feel ready and prepared enough, can you start investing real money in the real world.

This is definitely an aspect that needs to be considered thoroughly when starting to invest online through a trading platform. These educational tools are essential, especially if you are not an experienced investor.

The reality is that people often take online trading lightly, almost as if it were a game. Instead, it’s good to remember that we’re talking about real money investments, so there’s nothing more serious and potentially more risky.

As always, in such cases it’s better to spend a little more time studying and training on a new subject rather than rushing in headlong, taking risks only to end up getting burned.